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Civic Satisfaction
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Walt Geisel
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Every Friday, 7 pm back to: face to face
Meeting & Party Civic Satisfaction Michelangelo's, 1 Broadway, Denver free
Contact: 303-423-2399 Walt Geisel, Civic Satisfaction, PO Box 9656, Denver 80209

Civic Satisfaction needs Politically Active Fundraisers for media ads, campaign ads and more

And as apt, we share the wealth, 50% commission. This is a major push.

We have tons of leads for people who can follow-up on them.
Civic Satisfaction's current staff can't do all the fundraising, and all the meetings and events, too. So we need help!

Help establish long term funding for Civic Satisfaction. We need people who can sell media ads, internet sponsorships for us.

3 current targets: We get more candidates with each election, this is a politically hot Fall, and candidates are still hungry.
2nd, we also need a solid base of businesses who support our efforts long term.
Third, our first major active-group fundraiser was Peace Jam, who allowed us to post a picture of the Dalai Lama,
who led the dozen Nobel Peace Laureates here in town! Which ones do you like to work? More ideas?

Your homework: Check out Civic Satisfaction, mostly look over the main index page and our About: Irony; 3 Purposes.
Please look at the "suggested donations" for Candidates, Business and Festivals & Fund Raisers. Then email Walt.

Like PBS acknowledgements or ads, sponsors may post their logos (or appprove our design), usually a tagline for the active community to see, and links to their websites or email. We post ads on the upper-right column or middle-left column. Civic Satisfaction currently suggests $5/day, $25/week, $100/month and $1000/year. You may go higher or lower, if you can help bring in the sponsors. And yes, we post larger sponsors first in the stack.

We offer a 50% commission, not a salary. Long-term sponsorships will be quite lucrative.

Note that we soon hope to provide a salary plus commission and hope to provide benefits, including medical, for those who can stay.

Let us know what you think.

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