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Every Thursday 12:30-2 pm back to: face to face
Libertarian PBC CO Librt Carelli's of Boulder, 645 30th Lunch
Subject: Contact
From: Eva Kosinski <>
Date: Sat, Apr 17, 2010 10:09 pm

I found out about Civic Satisfaction some time ago when you and I
chatted at a Libertarian booth at the Boulder Creek Festival, and sent
in some info to your site.

I now need to update the info the Libertarian Party of Boulder County.
I'd put in an entry for the LPBC Lunch, and just realized that they've
moved from Bentley's at the Boulder Broker, to Carelli's Restaurant
right nearby, and I forgot to let you know. The day of the week and the
time remains the same.

My main email address has changed from, to (more news on that topic in a sec), and I am no
longer the Chair of the LPBC. The new chair is Ralph Shnelvar and the
email has been adjusted so he gets the email sent
to that address.

Now for my news: I stopped being Chair because I wanted to do
something in the run for office arena, so I am now officially a
candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, which you may not have heard,
since very little press is ever given to third party candidates. My
campaign email address is, and my website is I also have a Facebook group "Kosinski for
Boulder County Commissioner."

At the moment, I don't have any real events, the campaign is just
starting, but will keep in touch, and hope to get some fundraising going
so I can pay to put in events at your site.

Also, I am working to try to find as many folks who are not
LIbertarians or Republicans to attend the Boulder Liberty on the Rocks
meetings (once a month Meetup group -- have a drink and talk about life
the universe and everything related to freedom). I've had numerous
discussions with the prime mover in that organization, Amanda Teresi,
and the goal is to get as many people as possible to come and discuss
potential solutions for the many problems that face us, NOT to get
involved in political diatribes, dogma or blame games, and there's a lot
of misinformation out there about what the group is for. I interviewed
her, and the article is on my art website at if you are curious.

That's it for now. I'm impressed that Civic Satisfaction, in a time
when folks get ideas, try them for awhile and dump them if they get
inconvenient, is still out there giving us information, and if I can't
yet thank you with contributions, I can with appreciation.


I can be reached by any of the emails, or by phone at either
303-666-5872 or 303-817-9653


Subject: LPBC Lunch: Thursday, 12:30 Bentley's at the Boulder Broker
From: Eva Kosinski <>
Date: Wed, Jun 06, 2007 9:46 am

Just a quick reminder.  We discuss issues from a Libertarian 
perspective, so if you are looking to learn more about 
Libertarians, or if you want to help others learn more about 
Libertarians, join us.

We have put the info on the LPBC lunch up at
so you can find it every week.

Bentley's has a buffet (just under $9) or sandwiches from 
$6.  We tend to talk 'til 2:00 (or beyond) so come whenever 
you can get there.

             -Eva Kosinski

Freedom and success are both the result of allowing
others to take responsibility for, as well as bear
the consequences of, their own actions or inactions,
while exercising self control and taking personal
responsibility for your own.

Eva Kosinski, A Slice of Time
1301 Jackson Ct,Louisville, CO 80027
cell 303-817-9653