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Civic Satisfaction
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Last Friday, 7-9 pm back to: face to face
Denver Progressive Cafe very like: People's Cafe: Locations Common Grounds 32nd & Lowell free
2007:02:20 - Walt:
With several demands on many regulars of Progressive Cafe, we are shifting to last Friday of the month starting March 30


Thu, 05 Oct 2006

To let you know.......we are putting the Progressive Cafe on hold until mid-December (busy with school and such). I'll let you know when we'll be gathering again. I have some news to send for Civic Satisfaction; however, will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Hope all's well.................Ciao, Nancy

2006:August:21 Nancy Mc

Please call each week to verify the meeting. Sometimes we cancel due to time conflicts and/or other obligations. 303-561-1711. (Listen for a message about the meeting. If no message, leave your phone # for a call back........Thanks, and hope to see you.....)

[Note: Mark Sweitzer came by 5/16, partly because he's changing the other, newer P-Cafes from Progressive Cafe to Peaple's Cafe, since some participants are not Progressives. We decided that tho we have regular participants who are Right Wing, but enjoy the discussions, that we would retain the name as Progressive Cafe or P-Cafe and still enjoy the association with the People's Cafe.]

We are often few but always intense.

Welcome to people from P-Cafe South at Stella's

And note that for downtown, this is now the only link
Where are the Boulder and Evergreen people?

Mon, 06 Feb 2006

Hello all,
Our Progressive Cafe meeting this week will be tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 7th, at Common Grounds Coffehouse, 32nd and Lowell, at 7pm. We may keep this as our location for a while and we will probably be using one of the rooms with the bigger tables in them.......Join in.........anytime.....Cheer, Nancy Mc

This is an ongoing series of cafe discussion groups at various locations. It includes table conversations and group dialog. Since we meet in public places, efforts are made to draw onlookers into the discussion.

Progressive Cafes are popular with all progressive-minded folks, such as progressive Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Constitution, Natural Law, peace activists, and those who desire a sustainable planet and representative government.