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Trump Initiatives, still some Nominees Bully in Chief is not name calling (not too much), mostly diagnosis and strategy Trump is a bully - Daily Kos back to: Civic Satisfaction

Hey folks, this changing landscape is leaving me behind. Care to help?

Shutdown Indivisable Resource page
Gottheimer D NJ Democrats Win Seats PAC Daily Kos
CREDO Wyden D OR Omar D MN
Working Families Party MoveOn Friends of the Earth
Schiff D CA citizen Thomas Howard Progressive Impact
Democracy for America Mesa Verde Foundation Latino Victory Project
Ditch Mitch really the same petition, pick your favorite group:
AFL-CIO CREDO Working Families Party
Social Security Works People For the American Way Americans for Tax Fairness

The Wall
American Friends Service Committee CREDO Win Without War
same petition, pick one? or skip hugh list People's Action Courage Campaign

Net Neutrality, again - Now Walt's #1 issue - Overturn FCC Last gasp: Net neutrality has until 2018:Dec:21 2018:Dec:13 Hope, and Coffman onboard?
It's not over: on to Congress Fake FCC Comments - - 2 ISP funds Pols
Fight for the Future Dec:14 Fight for the Future Dec:4 Senate sidewinder Rep. Mike Coffman maybe
Democracy for America Dec:10 DFA: boycott Sinclair Broadcasting Dec:1 CREDO Dec:14
Daily Kos Dec:13 Battle for the Net Dec:13 Friends of the Earth Dec:9
SumOfUs Dec:7 Free Press, Dec:3 The Nation: Dec:3 Nov:29 Demand Progress Nov:28 Fight For The Future, July:23
Jason Crow > CD6 (currently Coffman) candi Together We Will Jan:12 198 methods
Common Cause, June Senator Kamala Harris D-California Bold Progressives
Working Families Party Progressive Impact Climate Hawks June:12
Progressive Congress Action Fund, May:16 Common Dreams June:11 Green Party, May:16
The Nation, Demand Progress, Democracy for America & People For the American Way updated Rainforest Action Network June:11 People's Action June:12
CoPIRG Food & Water Watch June:20 Indivisible June:12
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center Battle for the Net Red Alert for Net Neutrality
Vets For The Net People for the American Way, June:11 Ron Wyden, Oregon Senator
RootsAction state & local, Feb:1 Move On June:2 Win Without War, June:11

Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court - Indict & Impeach Senator Michael Bennet + Senator Cory Gardner -
Senator Jeff Flake - Senator Susan Collins - Senator Lisa Murkowski present
Senator Heidi Heitkamp + 2018:Oct:7 Senator Joe Manchin -
Democracy for America Need to Impeach Indivisible
Demand Progress CREDO 2018:Oct:7 Common Cause
Friends of the Earth Everytown for Gun Safety Bold Progressives
People For the American Way Color Of Change Bob-and Kim Kinsey
Daily Kos Oct:7 Move to Amend
NARAL Fight for the Future Human Rights Campaign
AFL-CIO Senator Kamala Harris #VOTEPROCHOICE
Brigade The Nation #DelayTheVote
Women's March UltraViolet Action Alliance for Justice
Move On just getting started - long way to go

Tax Scam - Trump & GOP targeted holdouts to pass. Now we can work the parts
Sen. Bernie Sanders, Dec:5 Food & Water Watch, Nov:27 CREDO: Dec:13
U.S. PIRG: Why Consumer Bureau is so important Americans for Tax Fairness, Dec:16 Progressive Impact & Brigade, Dec:10
Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools Common Cause Nov:30 Democracy for America
Daily Kos, Dec:15 Green America Jobs With Justice
Indivisible, Dec:16 AFL-CIO, Dec:12 Bold Progressives
People Demanding Action Morgan Caroll, CO Dem Chair Social Security Works, Dec:9
The Nation Ben and Jerry: MoveOn Friends of the Earth, Dec:15
Move On Together We Will AFSC
Courage Campaign Environmental Defense Fund Every Voice
People For the American Way, Dec:16 People's Action One Colorado - link, Daily Kos, League of Conservation Voters, People for the American Way, Sierra Club,, SumOfUs Every Child Matters
Working Families Senator Kamala Harris D-California Fight for the Future
Demand Progress

more Budget: EPA - Ask for the moon, then see how they compromise
Food & Water Watch - updated CREDO Friends of the Earth
Greenpeace MoveOn DLCC
MoveOn Natural Resources Defense Council: Clean Power Plan

Strengthen Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act & Defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or face our rath with Elizabeth Warren in the lead - Wrong CHOICE Act
Daily Kos: esp. Consumer Protection Americans for Financial Reform CoPIRG

more Hate: Immigrants & Muslims - then back to gays, Jews?
#LoveArmy Team: foul VOICE (Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement), hotline for people to report "criminal aliens." So report criminal space aliens - ICE deportations CREDO: gays Change: Iraqis who served
Common Defense: Hate Crime funding Daily Kos & Human Rights Campaign: gay hate funding Colorado People's Alliance: deportation
The Nation July:25

TrumpCare - ZombyCare? - Demand we go straight to single payer, then see how they compromise - Life is a pre-existing condition - WE WON, again The world largest corporations are Big Insurance
Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care (ColoradoCareYES) Sept:21 Single-Payer Bill Advances in California Trump Praises Universal Healthcare
People's Action, July:26 SEIU & Every Child Matters MoveOn July:25
Social Security Works: Sept:25 Common Defense July:25 DLCC
People For the American Way Sept:26 Planned Parenthood Sept:22 Daily Kos - call & report - Sept:26 - or write
RootsAction One Colorado Sept:21 Democracy for America Sept:25
Drug Policy Alliance EveryVoice Indivisible Sept:25
Progress For All: Healthcare For All CREDO Sept:25 Courage Campaign July:26
Progressive Change July:25 Common Cause Jobs With Justice
Progressive Impact July:25 Progress Now Colorado Sept"25 Sign for Good
Progressive Tribune (Douglas County) July:25 Sum of Us July:26 The Nation July:25
AFL-CIO Sept:26 Working Families Sept:25 Americans for Tax Fairness

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