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Tea Schook for Denver City Council District 11 back to: Candidates and Questions back to: Civic Satisfaction - face to face
Tea Schook for Denver City Council District 11 Tea Answers April:15 Walt Re: April:15 Tea April:17
Subject: Re: 6 More Questions If You Will
From: Tea
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 11:00 pm

Um, I AM a serious candidate for District 11.

1. I would like to see more traffic lights and left turn lanes, if I can't get four lane streets on our major arteries in-District.  I've often wondered how the lights are timed on other main streets within Denver.  If one has the patience, I believe hitting every green light is accomplished by driving exactly 12.6 mph through downtown.  I'm not a traffic engineer, I just know it's irritating when red lights come too quickly.

2. I'm not big on people driving around with too-loud music shaking my house.  In the district there are large numbers of young people who race around an empty parking lot, get excited and then race on residential streets. That is a set up for pain. I don't know what business exists that can meet this need for courting trouble--a race track for amateurs?  A go-cart track like that off 58th/I-25?

3. the district has no parking permit areas.  The district has pretty much nothing.  Would these parking garages be financed through a TIF, with parking fees paying off the initial construction funds?  Where exactly would these garages be built?  Would on-going maintenance and safety be responsibility of City, with added burden on police and public works?  How much revenue could be counted on to pay for these services?  Would these garages compete with downtown existing parking lots that now charge $13-18/hour?

4.  One big thing might be to schedule municipal elections concurrently with State and federal elections.  Many people new to the district get confused with the election in May.  

5.  It's a municipal race.  We're limited in our district to maximum $1000 contribution per entity per election cycle. Nobody is going to be purchased for $1000, which is what many election reform proponents seem to be saying--this presumption that people running for office are doing it for money.  Most are doing it for self-promotion or chasing our 15 minutes of fame; very few of us run out of a sense of civic service and duty, like me.  Making candidates or issue campaigns responsible for regular reporting with the sanctions for lateness or inaccuracy seems to be working just fine.  In other words, the system is not broken and let's not break necks to fix it.

6. My district is crying for greater investment by businesses such as grocery stores, small retailers such as Ace Hardware, and quality sense-of-place restaurants. We're about to welcome a new business/tech live/work center, and local residents are excited about the potential for jobs and the potential such an investment has for luring the grocers and retailers to the district. There may be reasons to question development within the denser sections of the city, or to assume the local representative(s) are cooperating overly much with developers over needs of their constituents.  Those reasons do not exist in this district yet.  If I am elected I anticipate that they will not arise due to open communication I will promote and fact that I will not vote for projects that adversely effect the quality of life expected by people in the district.

About me:  I have been a community activist and fighter for social justice all my adult life.  I wrote Denver's Anti-Discrimination law in 1988 and pulled together a coalition of social, business, religious, and political groups and individuals to lobby City Council for its passage, which was accomplished in 1990.  I have worked for the City for the past 17+ years at the Airport where I managed the city's relationship with the concession tenants.  I have real-world hands on experience in making government responsive to people and to the needs of small business.  I envision District 11 becoming a DTC North, with business areas intertwined with residential/bike/work multi-use areas; ideally we will work with each developer and proposed project to assure a well balanced mix of economic levels and housing for each.

Tea Schook
for Denver City Council District 11
A Fighter and a Winner for Our Community 303-829-7868
Contribute Online Today!

On 2015-04-15 15:56, wrote:

With several Questionnaires that more serious candidates have answered, Civic Satisfaction has only these few:

1. What are your thoughts on timing the traffic lights in your District, Denver and the metro area?
2. Do you lean more toward helping businesses profit from and welcome kids cruising in your District, Denver and the metro area, dislike cruising or something totally different?
3. What are your thoughts on city financed parking garages for parking permit areas of your District and Denver?
4. You've probably lost speaking time with groups so citywide candidates could speak. What are your thoughts to improve elections in Denver?
5. How do you feel about Clean Campaigns, publicly financed elections for Denver?
6. What are your thoughts on Denver's current balance between business and people?

We have links to some of the major Questionnaires and will take requests for more.  We're still building links to each of your websites.  And if you would like to write a piece for Civic Satisfaction's activist users, please feel free.

And yes Fiorino has already bought an ad.  As always please help us post where voters can meet you - you are our word of mouth, network. 

Walt Geisel
PO Box 9656, Denver 80209
cell: 303-946-9633

Tea Schook for Denver City Council District 11 Tea Answers April:15 Walt Re: April:15 Tea April:17 Back to Top

On 2015-04-17 16:49, wrote:

Thanks. I was trying to say that more serious candidates do surveys. 1) No one else mentioned quick reds, ie. short yellows. 2 & 6) Noise and nuisance laws abound. When I was cruising age we also did putt-putt, etc, but many businesses can offer Cruiser Specials to draw kids in, businesses screaming for help with 1000s of kids on their doorstop - the main reason I replied. Also 6) Food deserts are good food co-op hoods, which is very community building. 3) Also DURA. 5) Well taken, I just hated chasing $ and Hancock talks balancec.

I worked for Veronica Barela on a HUD discrimination study. Keep having fun to win. Check our the survey pages, so far.

Tea Schook for Denver City Council District 11 Tea Answers April:15 Walt Re: April:15 Tea April:17 Back to Top

Subject: Re: 6 More Questions If You Will
From: Tea
Date: Fri, Apr 17, 2015 6:30 pm

Food coops are one resolution, and I believe several in the district are interested in creating one.  They are not for everybody, of course.  I've been contacting several grocery chains, including Natural Grocers, suggesting they have their RE peeps take a look and asking what they need to consider an area for a building.

It's not just the timing of lights, it's the perception of time, which is of course a very different sort of question.

I would have no objection to any sort of business that provides that "away from parents" feeling while still being somewhat safe for youthful cruisers.  I grew up in a roller rink, and the other kids were always doing things on the unsafe side; unfortunately for me, my dad was the floor manager so I didn't get to get away so much...

One of Our Mayor's strengths is his ability to talk a good game.  I'm not anti-Michael. I don't have the burden of having to do as he wants or see my husband lose his job. I want to be a representative who actually is for the people of this district and puts district needs first before any one else's agenda.

I love Veronica.  She's been a huge supporter in this campaign, and really for decades.  


Tea Schook
for Denver City Council District 11
A Fighter and a Winner for Our Community 303-829-7868
Contribute Online Today!
Tea Schook for Denver City Council District 11 Tea Answers April:15 Walt Re: April:15 Tea April:17 Back to Top