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Walt Geisel
Civic Satisfaction
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Walt Geisel
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Education: Strongest Economic Multiplier – Quick Guide written 2014:May:05
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Very brief table on Economic Return, also in tax dollars, per Tax Dollars spent for the Common Good, and how Time of Return is roughly Inverse.
While many indices of economic growth are available, tax dollars invested and returned seems most apt for discussions with Legislators..
In order of return:
Investment for Common Good Return in Revenue Dollars Time of Initial Return
(per) $1 Budget Invested
Police, military, prisons and security $0.75 Fairly quick, though ongoing
Comment: Probably shows the misuse, since we know that an economy cannot flourish in chaos. Is our balance of Hospitality vs. Security a bit off? Yet better hospitality in any culture takes leadership. Also how much time and energy are wasted on those most violated laws: traffic and drugs? Well, drugs are beginning to be fixed. Many would argue that Iraq was a waste for everyone but the Oil Companies and Daddy War Bucks.
Roads, water and infrastructure > $1 Quickest and sustained with maintenance
Comment: Could use some modern figures here, but even the Romans knew that roads returned more in trade and thus tribute than the cost to build them. Wonder if vainglorious buildings aren’t a drag on these numbers, or does an ostentatious display of wealth and success encourage investment in an area? Balance?
Social Services $1.25-1.50 Months to years and growing
Comment: Another great measure of how well we are investing in our people. Bet a 2/1, for every $2 earned, $1 off support, returns better than 1/1, every $1 earned cuts benefits by $1
Education $1.50 – 2 Longest, college: years, kids: 2 decades
Comment: Yet people look for more college education when times are tougher, which is when money is least. Still, even a brief return to college makes large gains. Also bet super tests waste time and weaken public education. But hey, I’m an activist and out of work teacher and researcher of Education, Mathematics and Psychology, so bias but objective.
More later, and feedback always welcome: Walt Geisel
(Anyone want to help me build an interactive blog or wiki?)
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