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Now - General Election 2016:November:8 back to: Civic Satisfaction - face to face
Hillary - 2016 Clinton & Timothy Michael Kaine - f CO 1 CO 2 (CS)
Gary - 2016 Johnson & Bill Weld - f CO - f Libertarian Party (CS)
Jill - 2016 Stein & Ajamu Baraka - f CO - f Green Party (CS)
Donald - 2016 Trump & Michael R. Pence - f CO GOP search trump (CS)
Initiative, Agendas & Results Status &: Summary SoS Initiatives & Title Board
All candidates: SoS (~20 more pairs for Prez & VP) SoS Candi & Election page Voter verify > my sample ballot
FactCheck Real Debates Open - 2 why
2016 Judicial Performance Evaluations Office of Colorado Judicial Performance Evaluation
4 Way Debates: [click for Roots Action Petition]

With almost 3 months we have plenty of time to fully check out minor party candidates, and see how the polls read, before we decide whether to hold our noses and vote against someone. All are articulate and experienced speakers who will hit each other from all sides for a more lively and watchable debate and more viewers. League of Women Voters openness and trust might draw more still. Voting methods are an open topic, including ranked choice, approval and proportional, which most of the world uses and my favorite, like many Greens, and Libertarians. Open national debates would encourage local affiliates to follow suit for local candidates, for Public Service credit to all. Whether or not Trump joins, the debates should be lively. Donít let a lively race turn boring, donít let the majors coast.

Vote Hope, Better Than Fear

Congratulations to Hillary and Donald. For those of you who arenít Ďwith Hillí, check out Jill Stein, MD, presumptive Green candidate for President. For those of you who arenít ready to worship The Donald, Gov. Gary Johnson is likely the Libertarian candidate. More are running and Coloradoís Secretary of State keeps a long list that already needs updating. Voting methods are open topic, including ranked choice, approval and proportional, which most of the world uses and my favorite.

This might be a great election to break up the two parties, one voice. 15% polling will allow 3rd party candidates to debate, unless the major parties change the rules, again. Shift those polls now and see how they shape up. You have until November to decide how degraded youíll feel with a late vote against the candidate you fear.

DNC blocks Bernie 12/19 Sanders Press Conference on YouTube DFA petition
Walt's Take:
'I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating,'
Tammany Halls' Boss Tweed.
Guess Bernie is doing too well.
We need local and state rebellion for a fair election
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