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Tips on Recalls: steal their base and guide media

A few ideas to beat a recall, if it actually comes, some of which you’re already on. You’re probably already connecting with your base, asking them to help research and guide your legislation, and you already have volunteers from all over. You know much of the recall is big buck groups, yet folks on the side and some of the heartfelt can be stolen. Then all you have to do is guide the media.

I’m a retired academic, long time activist and still run, where I’ll also post this, and for now I’m leaving this that general. Recently been thinking about winner take all politics, also applying those lessons to Colorado backlash and mixing this with old work on making our elections less dependent on cash.

By folk on the side, I mean they’re standing with your opposition, nominally, not sure they want to use the talking points, but going along. Some of the heartfelt are also likely to share some of your values. So the first thrust is to show that you are listening to their concerns, and were or are willing to ease their rate of change. If they aren’t trained in winner take all refusal to talk and compromise, they will usually talk enough to show you their real worries and priorities. Highlight where you and the legislature already compromised and remind your folk to highlight too. Remember that too great a rate of change is stressful and incites backlash. If you can work even some of those into your package, they’ll give you at least grudging respect and the discussion will pull more ‘side’ folk over to you, you’re stealing their base. Be careful with saying that your colleagues may have pushed a bit harder than you would, that’s throwing allies under the bus and can backfire. Stay honest.

You know what your opposition is saying, you know the truth and your know where the media is weak. That’s where you need to guide the media. Tell them the facts to be checked, the weak logic to be corrected and your values and skills that need clarifying. You’re running this campaign, so help the media tell your story. “In a world begging for increased civility, crafting bills that have bipartisan input could help reverse the trend toward recalls.” Colorado Sun - Well, no, again the compromises need highlighting.

After and now, ask all sides to watch the results and look for tweaks that may be needed. And please get back to me on the strengths and weaknesses of this quick analysis.

You really don’t want to sacrifice yourself in a good cause, since the legislation you advanced can be overturned by an opposing majority. Stay clear on your values while you represent all your district, balance.

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