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Paul Kashmann, candidate City Council District 6 back to: Candidates and Questions back to: Civic Satisfaction - face to face
Paul Kashmann, candidate City Council District 6 Answers
Subject: Re: 6 More Questions If You Will
From: paul
Date: Thu, Apr 16, 2015 5:53 am

1. Reducing congestion on our roadways is critical. Technological fixes like proper timing of traffic lights is one element that can help with that problem, as well as finding turn lanes where simple striping can reduce wait time at lights.

2. If you mean bicycle cruising, yes, it's a fine addition to the landscape, as long as common respect is shown for the adjacent residential community and other businesses.

3. Need more clarification on this question.

4. Elections should be regulated to be far less expensive, and to allow more people to participate as candidates. 

5. I am one of only two candidates for municipal office who have pledged to not accept PAC or special interest money. While an important part of cleaning up campaign finance abuse, we MUST reduce the cost of running for office. This eliminates the vast majority of the populace from considering a run for office.

6. Need clarification.

Thanks for the opportunity to offer some thoughts.

Paul Kashmann


City Council District 6

On April 15, 2015 at 5:46 PM wrote:

With several Questionnaires that more serious candidates have answered, Civic Satisfaction has only these few:

1. What are your thoughts on timing the traffic lights in your District, Denver and the metro area?
2. Do you lean more toward helping businesses profit from and welcome kids cruising in your District, Denver and the metro area, dislike cruising or something totally different?
3. What are your thoughts on city financed parking garages for parking permit areas of your District and Denver?
4. You’ve probably lost speaking time with groups so citywide candidates could speak. What are your thoughts to improve elections in Denver?
5. How do you feel about Clean Campaigns, publicly financed elections for Denver?
6. What are your thoughts on Denver’s current balance between business and people?

We have links to some of the major Questionnaires and will take requests for more.  We’re still building links to each of your websites.  And if you would like to write a piece for Civic Satisfaction’s activist users, please feel free.

And yes Fiorino has already bought an ad.  As always please help us post where voters can meet you - you are our word of mouth, network. 

Walt Geisel
PO Box 9656, Denver 80209
cell: 303-946-9633


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