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3 Digit Carry & Borrow by early 2nd Grade - Or, NOW - - - -<>- - - - Algebra is about finding the easy way through
Education Solutions
Helps students and teachers

Education Solution tutors through Algebra and most subjects.

Education Solutions is a world class expert in how students learn to carry and borrow (compose & decompose, bind & unbind or whatever).
With 3 digit skills, students can do any addition or subtraction, quickly, to push multiplication through algebra.

If your child(ren) still counts to add and subtract
Education Solutions can bring them up to grade - at least

Counting on fingers is a very necessary step on the way to doublings and working 5s and 10s,
which is more efficient and should be skillful before algebra. Tutoring usually includes other skills like reading and writing to break up the focus and balance the skills.
(All the time on math is a recipe for burnout.)

Teacher education classes are also available. Walt teaches K-3 Math Breakthroughs, 1 credit class (it's that simple)
at Metro State University Education Department and as a graduate course with Mesa State Extension.

Tutoring and teacher education are now offered at an introductory rate of $20/hour,

$19/hour for each of 2 students,
$18/hour for each of 3 students,
$17/hour for each of 4 students,
$16/hour for each of 5 students,
or $15/hour for each of 6 students

Most tutoring done in home with parental presence
or with adults at agreed upon locations.
(A central office would not be local and cost more....)
                                         Tutoring for me is like candy,
all the fun of working with students and seeing them understand,
but little prep and no grading.