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Walt Geisel
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Today back to: Civic Satisfaction - face to face
Yikes! Laptop Died
Upgrade Donation?
RAM > 512MB
Hardrive > 19GB
There is never a good time for a computer to die, You may have noticed a couple days when Civic Satisfaction went un-updated. Truth to tell, I've been wrestling with this computer for quite awhile, so it looks like prime time to upgrade.

The female, computer, mother board side of the power plug is coming loose. If anyone has a better soldering iron than mine, we can wick and fix this.

But this computer has been struggling for quite some time. Last fall I replaced the keyboard and right now the period/greater-than key is out - so I copy the period or greater than, and paste - so you can imagine what html editing is like right now. And the right click is getting occasional.

I max upgraded to 512 MB RAM but it still spends major time swapping with the hard drive. The html editor is huge, I run two browsers to see what they do to my layout, each with multiple tabs, and I often run several spreadsheets, docs, pdfs, etc.

And with most of the available memory open to visual, it frequently runs out.

Time to upgrade....

I do want a laptop for display at meetings and tabling. Do need more RAM & ROM. Can you help?
Have you recently upgraded from something that is better than mine? It can be a non-profit donation!

Walt: 303-423-2399
Or come to the 7 pm, Friday meeting/party at my apartment: #3, 161 S Grove - by Federal & Alameda

Next, how do we get the data base working? Or time to fix the Donation buttons? And get the rest of the events posted?

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