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VICTORY? Stand with Standing Rock, #NO DAPL, etc. Petitions Indigenous Environmental Network 350: Events No Dekota Access Pipe Line, esp Nov 15
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Statement on Corps Decision to Not Grant Easement
Sierra Club: Obama must also reject another permit and resume full impact studies
Greenpeace: Thank Water Protectors for Halting the Dakota Access Pipeline!
350 SEND A MESSAGE: Thank you, Water Protectors
YES! Magazine Nov 29, 2016: The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
ACLU: Army Corps: Don't shut down Standing Rock
CREDO Action: Tell President Obama: Declare Standing Rock a national monument. #NoDAPL
Tell Obama: Block Forced Removal of Water Protectors
Democracy For America: Call President Obama: Step in on Standing Rock
Friends of the Earth: Help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
Bob and Kim Kinsey & Climate Solutions, Jesse Cummins, Laura Avant Bob Kinsey interview
Renee Roman Nose: Stop Militarized Response to Standing Rock Water Protectors
Demand Progress: Tell the FCC: Launch an investigation into cell phone jamming and spying on #NoDAPL activists at Standing Rock!
RootsAction: Should nonviolent Native Americans in North Dakota have the legal rights of armed white people in Oregon?
ACLU Action: Demilitarize Standing Rock
CREDO Native Americans and our Constitution are under assault
Avaaz: Obama, Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
Daily Kos: Tell the White House to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline immediately
RMPJC - Call the President: Protect Water Protectors at Standing Rock
Sierra Club: Protect Indigenous rights, reject the Dakota Access Pipeline
United for Peace & Justice: PETITION: We Stand with Standing Rock: Stop DAPL! End the Violence! Honor Treaties!
also articles in support
Dec 12, 2016 Unicorn Riot: #NoDAPL Live Video Recap Oct 16th-Present
Dec 12, 2016 Common Dreams: Seattle Activists Target Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline Funding
Dec 6, 2016 Center for Biological Diversity - Analysis: North Dakota Pipelines Average Four Spills Per Year; 3 Million Gallons Spilled in Past 21 Years
December 05, 2016 Truthout: #NoDAPL: Why the Black Snake Isn't Slain
December 05, 2016 Common Dreams: With Air of Caution, Water Protectors Celebrate Victory Over 'Big Black Snake'
Dec 05, 2016 Food & Water Watch: The Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Goes On
Dec 05, 2016 The Guardian: Standing Rock is a modern-day Indian war. This time Indians are winning
Dec 05, 2016 CREDO: VICTORY: Dakota Access pipeline blocked
Dec 04, 2016 YES! Magazine: The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory
Dec 04, 2016 Daily Kos: Breaking! Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Issues Statement on Corps Decision to Not Grant Easement
Dec 04, 2016 Daily Kos: BREAKING NEWS: #StandWithStandingRock VICTORY
December 05, 2016 Unicorn Riot: Veterans March on 1806 Bridge
December 05, 2016 The Story of Stuff Project video: VICTORY AT STANDING ROCK
Dec:3 Unicorn Riot: Water Protectors Lock Down at Wells Fargo (Franklin Ave) Demanding Divestment From DAPL
December 02, 2016 by Common Dreams: Veterans Arrive at Standing Rock to Act as 'Human Shields' for Water Protectors
December 1, 2016 Greenpeace: Activists Worldwide Close Accounts, Demand Citibank Halt and Rescind Dakota Access Pipeline Loans
December 01, 2016 by Common Dreams: Activists Around the World Take #NoDAPL Fight to the Banks
December 1, 2016: Japan and Green Peace Japan Hold Joint #NoDAPL Action Encouraging Japanese Banks’ to Divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline
November 29, 2016 Counter Currents - Standing Rock Eviction Countdown: Will You Keep Fighting With Us?
Nov 30, 2016 Petition update: Morton County Increasing Violence Against Water Protectors
National Nurses United Stand with NO DAPL Land and Water Protectors at Standing Rock
Unicorn Riot: Press Conference for Victims of Police Violence During North Dakota Pipeline Fight
Friends of Sabeel Colorado: From Palestine to Standing Rock: Water is Life
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance: National Delegation of 100+ Frontline Community Leaders Head to Standing Rock
NY Times: Power Imbalance at the Pipeline Protest
Move to Amend: Standing with the Standing Rock Sioux
Tell Obama: Block Forced Removal of Water Protectors
Alan Gilbert: Nov 15, 2016 DU protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline video
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