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Walt Geisel, Director;                           Contact Walt

I'm a political and educational researcher, activist and teacher. In college I followed a skirt into a food-buying club, and help organize and build a food co-op. Then I followed another skirt into West Virginia's PIRG and started by rebuilding a Weatherization Fair. I was privileged to work with people like the late Ben Linsky, who drafted the first Clean Air Act and Karl Hess, who founded and quit the Libertarians, and who's assessments of real politics often reminds people of Chomsky. I got to co-chair saving the Cranberry Backcountry Wilderness, organize tenants, clarify renters and landlord rights, and thru many other projects, helped WV-PIRG grow 10 times it's original size.

When I graduated with a Masters in Educational Psychology, I promised myself that I'd stay on the sidelines unless politics got really bad. I was the first to demonstrate that 3 to 5 year old children can demonstrate logic in actions, as well as they will later think logically in words. Mostly I teach Education, Psychology, and Math, do educational research and assess how organizations can better fulfil their missions. Lately I've shown that another way to rate teachers is to look at student grades in the next class within that curriculum for how well their students were prepared. I've also been teaching some breakthru K-3 math techniques to teachers that should bring carrying and borrowing of 3-digit numbers from as early as 3rd grade down to late 1st grade, and kids love it.

Working in education, I expected poverty, but not penury. Looking at current education budgets I realized that politics had gotten too bad to avoid getting more involved. And I know too well that educators may not bite the hand of politicians who feed them, no matter what bullshit the politicians throw their way.

So I began to assess our problems in education and all my other favorite issues where the voice of the majority is ignored. Much of my assessment of the problems we fight for came down to the people we have elected, which comes down to the ways we run elections and politics. I ran for Denver Election Commission, lost, and learned much more of what minor candidates face as they try to get their ideas before the public. After Bush stole his re-election, I worked with Denver Progressives, Voting Reform Committee, to bring in voter verified paper ballots. I also ran a survey of voter registration drives of the last election to back up (and also not back up) several of my concerns with those rules. Now I'm back to the central issues of Civic Satisfaction, to help candidates, neighborhood and active groups, and other concerned people get together and improve the voice of the people.

25 Grant #303
Denver 80203
303-722-1444 (if offline)