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We ask all who use this site:

Always, please mention at your events when you raise a small cheer or whatever for all your allies, endorsers and other calendars - you are our word of mouth, network.

(Terms of use) We ask all who use this site…

...neighborhood and civic groups, general or specific, all who list their meetings here, we do ask that you also mention similar meetings and events, or media on the same subjects. Most groups only mention their own next meeting. Expand a bit, on how people can follow-up or keep-up to date. If that is brief enough, include related topics and meetings. Quit bitching about how little people know and help them get the information they want. This is one easy way to help people and democracy, and to gather information to bring back to your own group. And mention Civic Satisfaction. Since we are only online, we need your word-of-mouth help. If we find out that you don't mention more than your own, we'll send out some people who owe us, to tickle you to death.

Media, who use this site, we also ask to list more than you cover, as follow-up or similar events. Of course you are careful with citations. But, if you use this site, please, mention similar subjects and meetings. Especially, we would like you to mention both other media and face-to-face events. Quit bitching about "voter apathy" which you know is really "voter burnout" from useless information without finding the right material. Help people get the choices of information and they will better tell you what more they want. If you use the site and don't mention similar events, we'll flood you with letters to your editor - or would you rather be tickled?

Candidates with cash may pay for AD space which we'll link to your meetings, rallies, events or whatever. ALSO please mention and similar events beyond your own. With so many people checking Civic Satisfaction for what they want to attend, this is your best advertising dollar. Our politically active voters often Volunteer. Candidates with little or no cash may list for a token $20, but mention similar events and topics. Your campaign contribution records are open, and if you mess with us, we'll send over some of your opponents' volunteers to tickle you to death.

This word of mouth sharing is key to make this site the heart of a sea change in our political process that will raise the sophistication of all the electorate, as well as the credibility of your organization. At least we think it is key. And so we have made this sharing, spreading, our Terms of Use. Rather backward from normal Terms of Use: 'Rules and Regulations and all the things we think we can get away with.' Rather, more informed people are the active key to all our causes, including political reform. And people who seek information increase their depth of knowledge and drive - maybe toward what your issues. Well, a beginning. And informed members help increase all of our civic satisfaction.

And we'd be tickled if all of you mention us. Especially mention us if we blew it, and then tell - it's his entire fault, you know. (Even this beautiful day is his fault.) And word-of-mouth complements the online work.

Also please let us know whose events are not on, and should be. Let us know and ask them, both. We can't do this without your help. Very democratic that way. (And now we move off to the sound of the Beatles' "All together now.")

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