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 Afganistan: 10 Years, Still Stupid, Except for Daddy Warbucks
 Wikileaks: Kill the Messenger of Corruption? & Distract
 Relieved Elections are over? Election Overload is Weak Debate! Restructure CO Elections!
 Did you Wish Daddy Warbucks a Happy 911 Day?
 Thin our Forests or Burn
 Fund Schools or Serfdom
 Bail Main Street, Not Wall Street
 HealthCare Now
 Make Love, Not War
 Reality in Drug Laws
 2 Parties, 1 voice
 I paid my taxes, where my representation?
 Hamas is the new Irish Republican Army
 Retrain Torturers
 More fines, less jail
  10,000 years ago semi-nomadic folk in Georgia spent 13 hours/week, 1/3 of our workweek, on food, clothing & shelter,
      and filled their days with arts & games. Today's efficiency means we should spend 4 or 5 hours per week for basics.
 Time the traffic lights
 People Power Economy
 Watching Halliburton makes me yearn for Halle Berry
 Undocumented? Ask First Nations
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